Bring Nurse Midwife Mary Koroma to Your City This Spring!

Nurse Midwife Mary KoromaNurse Midwife Mary Koroma has dedicated her life to saving those of mothers and babies in her native Sierra Leone. As the Director of the Sierra Leone branch of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP-SL), Nurse Mary leads the AAPDEP Infant and Maternal Health Project (IMHP), an international project aimed at reducing the infant and maternal mortality rates in Sierra Leone, rates which currently rank among the highest in the world.

Throughout her professional career, Nurse Mary has shown consistent commitment to using her skills for the benefit of the masses of African people, those most in need. In 2003, she stepped down from her position in a government hospital where she witnessed large numbers of deaths of expectant mothers and babies due to a frustrating combination of inability to pay for medical services and the general lack of basic medical equipment and medicines.

After leaving her government post, Nurse Mary used her own meager resources to build a simple community clinic just outside the country’s capital in Freetown. From her clinic, Nurse Mary began working directly with pregnant women- providing prenatal care, attending deliveries, treating those suffering from malaria, dehydration, and other illnesses, and providing skills training, support and oversight to hundreds of Traditional Birth Attendants throughout the country. Her rate of successful birth outcomes is phenomenal, having helped to deliver over 3000 babies, including several sets of twins and triplets, all without the loss of one mother or baby!

Along with the work of the IMHP, Nurse Mary leads an AAPDEP organization of over 500 members actively engaged in a variety of people-led development projects. AAPDEP-SL has established four multi-acre vegetable farms, a skills training center called the AAPDEP Vocational Institute, a Nursery School and the AAPDEP-WIND Health and Birth Clinic, which treats over two hundred patients each month.

As part of the AFIAH tour, Nurse Midwife Mary Koroma will share her wealth of experiences as a midwife and community organizer along with her powerful personal testimony and vision for the sustainable development of Africa through African self-reliance and self-determination.


Bring the Africa’s Future in African Hands Tour
to your area this Spring (March-May, 2012)!

Campuses, churches, community organizations, everyone: you can host an event!
Contact to set up tour dates NOW!

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